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For those who are interested in running Linux, especially on an older PC, Xubuntu just might fit the bill. Its installation files fit on one disc and include a versatile window manager to boot. However, the basic install isn’t really capable of being a LAMP and FTP-enabled web server. This tutorial explains how to get […]

This tutorial is written for anyone wishing to get started making maps in OpenArena or another ioquake3 game. Get GtkRadiant. Get Extract it into your GtkRadiant installation folder. If your OpenArena installation folder is not in C:\Program Files, open the GtkRadiant\games\ file and change the enginepath_win32 variable to reflect the location of the installation […]

If you want to start developing GTK+ applications with MinGW, but don’t know where to begin, here’s a simple tutorial. Get MinGW and MSYS. Install MinGW first, followed by MSYS. When MSYS asks about continuing post-install, say yes. When it asks for MinGW, say yes, and provide the install directory. Get the GTK+ bundle. Extract […]

The official Squirrel site provides source, but not an executable. If you don’t have time to compile or just want to get started using Squirrel right away, I’ve compiled the Squirrel interpreter for Windows and added the official samples for a quick test, along with the official docs. Run it with “sq filename.nut” to interpret […]

Here’s a simple tutorial that will show you how to run a Mono GTK-Sharp application under both Mono and the .NET framework. The general documentation leaves some parts out, so here’s a concise guide to getting that first application ready. This tutorial was written using Mono 1.2.6 with Gtk# 1.0/2.10 and .NET framework 1.0/1.1/2.0. Get […]

I recently upgraded from my first-generation (2004) Motorola Razr to a brand spankin’ new LG CU720 Shine. The difference is phenomenal. While the Razr, when it first came out, certainly impressed those of us who thought cell phones couldn’t get any thinner, its form factor quickly took a backseat to some perennial flaws of the […]

It’s a bit of a head-scratcher at first, seeing as the jQuery docs mysteriously disavow a postJSON possibility, let alone a function, but it’s definitely doable. So here’s the glorious code: function postjson(url,data,bS,s,e){ $.ajax({type:”POST”,url:url,data:data,dataType:”json”, beforeSend:bS,success:s,error:e});} Use it like so: postjson(“name.php”,”name=Bob”, function(){$(“#name”).text(“…”);}, function(json){$(“#name”).text(;}, function(){$(“#name”).text(“Error”);}); If name.php’s output looks like this… {“name”:”Bob”} …the above should, upon execution, […]