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For those who are interested in running Linux, especially on an older PC, Xubuntu just might fit the bill. Its installation files fit on one disc and include a versatile window manager to boot. However, the basic install isn’t really capable of being a LAMP and FTP-enabled web server. This tutorial explains how to get […]

It’s a bit of a head-scratcher at first, seeing as the jQuery docs mysteriously disavow a postJSON possibility, let alone a function, but it’s definitely doable. So here’s the glorious code: function postjson(url,data,bS,s,e){ $.ajax({type:”POST”,url:url,data:data,dataType:”json”, beforeSend:bS,success:s,error:e});} Use it like so: postjson(“name.php”,”name=Bob”, function(){$(“#name”).text(“…”);}, function(json){$(“#name”).text(;}, function(){$(“#name”).text(“Error”);}); If name.php’s output looks like this… {“name”:”Bob”} …the above should, upon execution, […]